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     A very happy and healthy 2017 to everyone!  As we look at the wonderful month of January, let us examine some of the upcoming events that will help make this a very special month for our children.   We will be getting ready to celebrate 2 big events this month.  The first is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday on January 16th.  Each year we spend time on Dr. King's significant speeches and contributions to improving race relations in our country.  The second event is the inauguration of our country's 45th President, Donald Trump, on Friday, January 20th.  We will have the students watch the peaceful transition of power ceremonies throughout the day.  We ask that everyone join in wishing the every success of our new president for the sake of our future as a nation.   I continue to remind you to please make sure your child arrives ON TIME for 8:00 am each morning.  It is so important that the children are here and go to their classroom together with their teacher and classmates.   Also, I ask that you please make sure and check your child's homework for completeness each night before signing the homework planner.  This is important in monitoring your child's progress during the year.  I look forward to your ongoing support and participation in the life of our school.  Thank you for all that you do and for your attention in these matters.  Once again, may you and your family enjoy a 2017 filled with good health and much happiness!   

Dr. Robert A. Marchi - Principal



Family Coordinator


Dear Parents!  We have great news!  New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina

is coming to District 14 for a Town Hall Meeting.  The Chancellor will discuss issues

that are important to District 14.  We hope you can attend.  The meeting is 6:30,Tuesday, December 6th,

at IS 71.  Please follow the link below for more details.


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Ms. Nancy DeName

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