PS 17 Times

Please be sure to look at our latest edition of PS 17 Times.  This month our  Fifth Grade reporters have turned into photojournalists.  They've visited classrooms and the cafeteria with their iPads, and talked to classroom teachers about the class adventures.  They enjoyed their work, and we hope you'll find out some new things about our school.  Enjoy!                    



Sanford Harmony Parents Workshop

Sanford Harmony Parent Workshop

Sanford Harmony

Dear Parents,

Please follow the link above to find our more about our exciting Sandford Harmony program, helping our students solve problems and build healthy relationships.


PS 17 Open House

Principal's Corner




Incredibly, we are in March, 2019, and here are some important items for March:


  • We are living in an age where electronic devices are dominating our everyday lives.  Abbreviated text messages are hurting our young people's ability to write clear and complete thoughts.  Writing without  grammar or spelling mistakes is something every child should aspire towards.  Please make every effort to limit your child's use of electronic devices dominated by games and/or phone messaging and increase their time spent reading and writing EVERY DAY!  This is a very important way of helping your child's teacher(s) make consistent progress in these crucial skill areas;

  • March is Women's History Month!  Students will be remembering people and events throughout this month that have helped shape our nation;

  • We will be hosting a workshop on Internet Addiction on Thursday, March 7, at 4:45 pm in our auditorium - all are invited;

  • The Parent-Teacher Conference Day/Evening is Thursday, March 14.  Hours are 1:00-3:00 pm and 4:30-7:30 pm.  You must attend in order to receive your child's report card and discuss his/her progress and next steps for the remainder of this school year;

  • There will be a PTA meting at 4:00 pm on before the PT Conference evening session;

  • Parent surveys will be distributed when you come on March 14 for your child's report card.  Please complete the survey before leaving as we will be awarding prizes to the classes with the highest return rate;

  • Our Williamsburg Movement and Arts Dance Program will begin the final week of March and extend through April and May.  This is for all students PreK-5;

  • There will be many class trips this month to a wide variety of very interesting locations.  Please ask your child about a class trip upon their return to find out what they have learned;

  • Please remember that the FULL school uniform is expected to be worn by ALL students every day!  All students are expected to be in school ON TIME every day.  Detentions will be given to violators and trip privileges may be denied.  Please address any questions/concerns to our Parent Coordinator, Nancy DeName, at 646-793-0242 (text messages preferred).

    • Please be sure to sign your child's homework planner every evening after checking that all of the homework has, in fact, been completed;

    • Remember to move your clocks ahead 1 hour as daylight savings time begins Sunday morning, March 10th;

    • Your active participation in the life of our school is essential to making certain that our children receive the best possible educational experience for 2018-2019.  Please sign up for various committees and welcome your assistance in working together with our PTA! 


      Dr. Robert A. Marchi - Principal




Family Coordinator


International Night, Friday November 17,  5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Families, please  join us for an evening of mouth-watering fun!  Everyone is asked to bring a family-favorite dish, to share your culture with families.










Family Coordinator

Ms. Nancy DeName

Cell Phone:  646-793-0242













Dad Bring Your Child to School



On Tuesday, September 25 many of our families joined together for the annual Dad Bring Your Child to School Day.  Everyone was happy to see families arrive despite the stormy weather, and fill the cafeteria for this great event.  Bagels and juice were served with smiles, and good laughs were shared between guests and  our hard-working PTA members.  It was a wonderful opportunity for families to make new friends.  We're all are looking forward to the next event!