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Please join Dr. Marchi for a

Welcome Back Meeting

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

9:00 AM




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It will be great to see everyone!




EVERY student must have a NYC Schools Account (one per family, includes all siblings).   This account will allow you to look at report cards and other important DOE information.   This link will take you to the page to create a NYC Schools. Account.   You will also need a unique creation code for this account.  Nancy DeName  (NDeName@schools.nyc.gov)  has access to the codes.  



EACH STUDENT is also required to have a STUDENT EMAL.    PS 17 is using Google Classroom this year as our remote learning site.  We will NOT be using Edmodo.  A STUDENT EMAIL is neceassry to access GOOGLE CLASSROOM and other useful educational sites.

This is the link for student emails:


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Janice Lange, Librarian. jlange@schools.nyc.gov



Dear PS 17 Families,

As we get ready for the new school year, we all have some questions about what school will look like, and we're a little nervous. I'm posting a link to a book that is a good place to start talking about how things are going to be different. The pictures are great, and I think it will answer some of these questions. 

Read it, talk about it, and enjoy.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you!
Ms. Lange





Please follow the link and complete the form about REMOTE LEARNING for the Fall.  Thank you!



Dear Parents,

         Today is the final day of the 2019-2020 school year.  And what a year it has been, certainly unlike any before and, hopefully, will never happen again.

         Thank you for all of your patience and understanding during this remote learning period.  I know how difficult the challenges have been for you and your child to be confined and having to learn many new skills using technology.  You have been there, side-by-side with your child and the teachers, to provide meaningful instruction and learning every day.

         Thanks also to our teacher and paraprofessionals who have worked tirelessly from day one to make sure your child had the best experiences imaginable under truly unique and trying circumstances and conditions.  They performed heroically and they deserve your thanks and praise.

         While dealing with the COVID-19 medical issues, our city and country have been focusing on issues pertaining to racism.  I am extremely proud to be principal of a school that has as its underlying credo that we treat every child and adult with dignity and respect.  We have not and will not break people down into categories that can only serve to divide us rather than bring us closer together.  We all must work together and seek to live in peace and harmony together.

         I pray that you and your family members are safe and stay healthy during the coming summer months.  Please make sure your child reads, reads, and reads some more every day to keep that most fundamental of skills improving each day.  We hope that the instructional model and calendar for 2020-2021 enable all of us to return to a more normal life at home and at PS 17.

God bless you!

Dr. Robert A. Marchi






Hello, Everyone! It's that time of the year again, SUMMER READING!                                                                                                         

The Brooklyn Public Library is planning to open next month, which is a good sign. But in the meantime, KEEP ON READING! If you follow the link to the new L!brary site, everything is pretty well organized, There are still many free eBooks available, eBooks from the Brooklyn Public Library, and we have some in our own collection. Remember, First Book you can check out TEN books for 56 DAYS. Everyone should be reading. Please follow the link for the L!brary site. I think you'll be surprised.



There are two attachments on this message to help you figure things out. Please let me know if you have any questions. I'm also posting this information on Edmodo.
Please stay healthy and safe over the summer. I miss you all.       ( jlange@schools.nyc.gov)



Database passwords you should know.docx  

Directions for Destiny eBooks.docx 








Get real time school updates on your mobile device with eChalk Notify.

Use Google Play or the Apple App store to download.

Connect with code G19YOY to get instant alerts about our school.






We are now beginning the two weeks of the 2019-20 school year.  Several points to share with you:

First, the DOE website has a letter from Chancellor Carranza asking all parents to complete a 7 minute survey asking for your thoughts and feelings regarding possible models of how the schools will be set up for September.  There are many issues to sort through and this is your opportunity to have input as to the design of how we return to a more "normal" way of schooling as quickly as possible.  Please do this with great thought as to the specific implications and impact on your family! 

Second, we are currently planning stepping up and graduation activities for grades Pre-K, K, and 5.  The specifics have been shared with parents in these grades.  All activities will fully comply with state, city, and DOE guidelines regarding social distancing. 

Third, guidance on the grading and promotional policies for the DOE may be found on the DOE website.  Report cards will be available on June 26th, the final day of school.  You may only access the report cards with your school account which teachers will be explaining during the next 10 days.  Report cards will neither be mailed home nor be available for pick-up at the school.  Final grades, which are the student's grades for the entire year, will appear as "MT" for meeting standards (a level of 2+ or above) or "N" for not meeting standards (a level of 2 or below).

Fourth, and perhaps most importantly, the unrest in our country during the past several weeks is painful to witness and difficult to explain to our children.  We are all traumatized by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has impacted our lives for the past 10 weeks.  Now we have the incidents in Minneapolis and Atlanta, that are causing major challenges to our constitution and way of life.  During this time, our teachers have been, and are, talking about these challenges with their students in an age and grade appropriate manner.  However, I ask that you please talk with your children about these matters in an honest way so that different points of view are discussed and respected and, hopefully, better understood by everyone!





We are now ending our 11h week of "Learning at Home" and I know how great a challenge this has been for you and your family.  In addition to the regular literacy and math curricula used by PS 17, the children are experiencing a tremendous variety of new activities and website presentations throughout each week.  You are encouraged to be part of the assigned tasks with your child(ren).   

I want you to know that I am committed to ensuring the highest quality of instruction to your children throughout this new way of teaching & learning.  I know how much of a challenge this is as we all become better at using the many resources that technology puts at our fingertips. 

Please let me know through an email (rmarchi@schools.nyc.gov) if you have any problems or concerns with how we are meeting you and your child's needs as we move forward.  

We are all trying to cope with the realities and many challenges presented by the COVID-19, starting with a new way of making meaningful instruction available to your children through remote learning.  This will involve your using this website to access your child's class link.  By doing this you will find information from the classroom teacher(s) regarding assignments that need to be completed in literacy and math.  In addition, there will be other links for you to access that will provide additional resources in a wide range of content areas to keep your child interested.  There will be explanations in the classroom links on how to get to the various apps that are visible, including user names and password information.  You and your child will be able to send questions and/or concerns directly to the teacher(s) by sending them to the teacher's DOE email address.  The teachers have been very busy reaching out to contact you and preparing their classroom links for the best delivery of instruction possible during this medical emergency.  I ask that you keep your child focused on completing the work assigned so that upon his/her return, there is as minimal a loss of instructional continuity as possible.  We are all going to need to work more closely together than ever so as to ensure that a high-quality learning environment in the home is being maintained.  Please check the DOE website for updates from the Chancellor regarding COVID-19 directives and the latest news regarding timelines for returning to our school, which now appears to be in September. 

Please be safe and stay well!              

Dr. Robert A. Marchi - Principal


PARENTS  This video will answer questions about how to set up a Parents account on Edmodo.  If you have any questions, please contact your child's techer.












Student Council Assembly




Tai Chi at 17

Sanford Harmony Parents Workshop

Sanford Harmony Parent Workshop

Sanford Harmony

Dear Parents,

Please follow the link above to find our more about our exciting Sandford Harmony program, helping our students solve problems and build healthy relationships.


Storm Team 4



We are very excited to announce the NBC Channel 4 STORMTEAM 4 visited our school on Friday, November 30!  This is part of  Weather Kids, a Storm Team 4 presentation for elementary school students throughout the tri-state area. Our Fourth grade students were thrilled to join in this important community initiative.  The visit included personalized weather instruction courtesy of meteorologist Chris Cimino.  The students even got to visit the StormTracker 4 van!

This was a great day for our students.  Please check out the video from Channel 4 Weather Team!











Family Coordinator

Food Benefits for All NYC Public School Students

Pandemic EBT (P-EBT)


Families, please follow the links below for important information.  

Eng P-EBT 1.pdf  

Sp EBT.pdf 









Family Coordinator

Ms. Nancy DeName

Cell Phone:  646-793-0242














Dad Bring Your Child to School



On Tuesday, September 25 many of our families joined together for the annual Dad Bring Your Child to School Day.  Everyone was happy to see families arrive despite the stormy weather, and fill the cafeteria for this great event.  Bagels and juice were served with smiles, and good laughs were shared between guests and  our hard-working PTA members.  It was a wonderful opportunity for families to make new friends.  We're all are looking forward to the next event!