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 Volume 3, Edition 2

Winter 2019


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Volume 3, Edition 1

Fall 2018



Student Council

Student Council

Student Council Elections

Every year we have student council elections for President and Vice President.  This year there were five fifth graders who wanted to be President, and five fifth graders who wanted to be Vice President.  So on Friday, November 2,  they debated and told everyone why they wanted to be Student Council officers.    The candidates for President were Delaivey, Priscilla, Analys, Nicolas and Alyze.  Giovani, Andrew, Andrea, Ronni and Mia-Mor were the candidates for Vice President.  Many of the candidates said they wanted to stop bullying in school and  help start some new clubs and sports teams.  The fifth grade students voted in a "Primary" and chose Delaivey and Nicolas as the two candidates for President, and Giovani and Andrea as the two candidates for Vice President.

The following week Grades One through Five voted for Student Council Officers.  Delaivey was elected President and Andrea and Giovani had a  tie result, so we have 2 Vice-Presidents!  On Wednesday, November 21, we had a school-wide assembly and the Officers and classroom Student Council  members were all given medals and became our new Student Council. Good Luck to Everyone!


Sayen Rendon


Ms. Shaw


This is Ms. Shaw's first year at our school, but she has been a teacher for  seven years.   She has taught first grade, fourth grade,  Pre-K  and Kindergarten. She really likes teaching.   This year she is teaching Kindergarten with Ms. Basia.  She said they make a great team  because they help each other  and share ideas.   True teamwork.   Helping the Kindergarteners learn to be kind is very important.  The children are learning to help each other when it is time to clean up.  Now Ms.Shaw is planning a class trip to the New York City Transit museum.   We hope you have a great year, Ms. Shaw!

Romi Huepa and Diego Tlapanco

Green Meadows Farm Comes to Brooklyn



Our Kindergarten classes had a great time at  Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn.  It is an old airfield, but they went because Green Meadows Farm is now in Brooklyn.  The classes had a wonderful day filled with fall events.   They saw animals,  had fun on the hayride, and everyone took home a pumpkin!  Mrs. McShea said it was great for the students  "To learn about animals, and what they eat."   It sounds like everyone had fun!

Brandon Garcia

Pre-K Hoedown

Our schoolyard had lots of students and parents laughing and playing on October 16.  The students were all in Pre-K and their families came for a fun morning.   This was a great chance for parents to  spend more time with their child.   Everyone had a great time.  The students came to school and got  ready in the classroom, then they went to the schoolyard.  The schoolyard looked great!  The  children  sang songs, danced , picked pumpkins , played games, and even had their faces painted.  The parents took lots of pictures.  Everyone loved the hoedown.  It was so  much fun!

Janett Pacheco




                                                Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow






Volume 2, Edition 3

Spring 2018





9/11 Museum and Memorial

  "Honoring the live of those who were lost is at the heart of our mission" The 9/11 Memorial and Museum includes an exhibition to commemorate the lives that were lost in the terrorist attacks of February 25,1993 and September 11th, 2001. On February 25, 1993 at 12:18 p.m. The World Trade Center was attacked by explosives put in a van parked in the underground parking lot.  September 11, 2001 19 terrorists hijacked 4 planes 2 of which crashed into the twin towers causing them to collapse. Class 5-312 and 5-411 went to the 9/11 Tribute Museum and listened to the story of Matthew Crawford who's father was a firefighter and sadly died while trying to save lives. 9/11 was a very tragic day that impacted the whole world, but it also brought people together and made us a stronger nation, we will never forget!


Engel Perez


Brett Helquist

Gymnastics with Pre-K Students

          On March 16, 2018 we talked to a few  Pre-K students about their trip to Ms. J's Gymnastics.   This is a  kid  and family friendly gym  on S 1st  Street.  It's been in our neighborhood for over 13 years!  We asked a lot of questions, and  the students had a lot to say!  When we asked, "What are some of the things you did" they answered ," We jumped and went on this triangle, and we went on a balance beam". They also said that rolling on the cheese,  running, and the balance beam were their favorite things to do.   When we asked if they would like to keep going to gymnastics, they said happily "Yes, we really like it!"  One even said,"I want to be a gymnast".  It's great that these little ones already have a dream  to be a gymnast one day. Hopefully their dreams will come true!

  Cheyanne  Rollerson and Jenesyss  Jimenez                     


    Do you know about any of the amazing, beautiful women that changed our lives? Well I do and I'm going to share some of the things one remarkable woman  did to change the world. This woman  helped make lives fair and equal for  others.  She used  her own courage, bravery and voice just to stand up for herself and other women.  fighting for respect, equality and fairness.  

     Ruth Bader Ginsburg is only the second woman to be named to the United States Supreme Court.  President Clinton named her in 1993., and she is still serving on the Court at the age of 85!  Justice Ginsburg grew up in Brooklyn.  She worked very hard in college and law school, and was the top student in both classes.  Some school leaders were not happy that she had better grades then the male students.   Today she continues to fight against all discrimination,  and fights for Civil Rights.   She encourages everyone to "Fight for the things that you care about.  But do it in a way that will lead others to join you."  

  I want to be just like Justice Ginsburg and never give up!

 Adrianna Brown

A Wrinkle In Time

My parents took me to see A Wrinkle in Time. The movie is based on the book A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle.  It is about a girl named Meg who's father is a scientist and went missing when he discovered a new planet and traveled there.  Now it is up to Meg her younger brother Charles and her friend Calvin to go on a journey to find Meg and Charles' father.  On their adventure they encounter three celestial beings who help the children through their journey to get to the planet that obtains all the evil in the world.  I enjoyed the movie, the special effects were amazing and it is a good movie to watch with your family.  I would recommend this film.


Koji Newton


 Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow



 Volume 2, Edition 2

Winter, 2018

Sharp Minds!

Healthy Bodies!

The Mystery of the Twelve Curious Cousins

          Our  Kindergarten and First Grade students were treated to a great puppet show on January 23rd.  The Urban Stage Theatre Group visited our school and performed the wonderfully silly The Mystery of the Twelve Curious Cousins.  This is an original play inspired by The Twelve Dancing Princesses by the Brother Grimm, complete with silly puppets, memorable characters, and enough silly rhythms, chants and cheers to keep everyone happy!  A wonderful time was had by all!

Jenesyss Jimenez


         RJ Palacio said that WONDER was based on a true story.  She was with her two sons in front of a ice-cream store and saw a girl who's face didn't look like anyone they had ever seen before.. One of her sons saw the girl and started  crying because of the girl. Palacio had to shield her son from the poor girl  so that she would not see his reaction. The thing was when Palacio was pulling her son away it looked like she was pulling him away because the girl's face was so different. That night RJ Palacio was inspired and started writing WONDER.                                                                                                                                                                                            WONDER  the movie was very emotional,  funny and inspiring. I was in tears, but I also laughed.   In this story the main character is a boy named Auggie.  His mom has taught him at home, but he enters public  middle school for the first time .  His whole family is nervous for him, but they want him to be a regular kid.  Some people are friendly to him, and some are not.  But it is a really good story.   I think  it will be a movie to let kids know no matter how different you are, you're  perfect in your own way. You learn you don't look with your eyes,  you look with your heart.

Adrianna Brown



PS 17 Times


                                        Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow




Volume 2, Edition 1

Fall 2017

Student Council


On the morning of  November 3, PS 17 voted for a new school president and vice president . It turns out, that the presidential election could not be announced  because it was so close. The winner of the vice presidential election was Saya Taylor, from class 5-312.  We found out the following  Wednesday that the presidential winner was Argy Guitonez, also of class 5-312.  At PS17, we try to make this process as realistic as can be. When the results are very  close, it shows that students at PS17 really think about who they want to be their leaders. It is not a popularity contest like you think it would be.  The elected officers have to be ready to take the lead in school, and be a role model to the other students.   All the members of the student council took the oath of office at a school assembly on November 22.   This is when the election results become official.  To all  the newly elected student council members, WE WISH YOU GOOD LUCK!!!


Engel Perez- Corredor and Saya Taylor

Principal's Corner


On the morning of November 17 reporters from PS 17 Times met with Dr. Marchi and talked with him about his career at PS 17.  He told us he loves working at our School because it has great students, staff and parents! His passion to make the school better has helped him  during his seventeen years here.  Before Dr. Marchi was our principal he taught 6th and 7th grade Social Studies. 

     His day starts bright and early at 6:45 A.M., and he tries very hard to make the Holidays fun for all.  Our annual Holiday show, and Dinner with Santa are two events that we all enjoy.   Thank you, Dr. Marchi, for helping to make our school special!


Aryanee  Fabian, Koji Newton, Amanda Noriega and Janell Rodriguez



Ms.Larrabee, Our New K-202 Teacher!


          Before joining PS 17, Ms.Larrabee spent 4 years teaching in a private school.    She is now our new  Kindergarten Teacher.  "I think my job is fun," she says, and children are exited to learn with her.  Other teachers are nice and help her learn the routines at our School.  Her favorite subject is math. She feels comfortable in the neighborhood, "It's nice to walk around especially in fall, the community and the neighborhood are great!" She likes fall, "It's fresh."  In her free time Ms.Larrabee loves to spend time with family and friends.

Koji Newton and Engel Perez Corrredor


Mr. Albert, Our New Gym Teacher!


          Mr. Albert is our new gym teacher. He is our first gym teacher that is certified as  physical education teacher. He says,"I like the school and I'm happy here."  There are new teams that he is thinking about, "In the spring I think I will start basketball and soccer teams."   When we interviewed him we asked if there any other future plans for our School.   He said, "We just got some new equipment  but so far it's a secret."   Finally we asked him what he thinks of the students so far.   "They are good so far, I really like them!"  We're all very excited that Mr. Albert has some great plans for our school!

Aryanee Fabian and Jenesyss Jimenez



By Jenesyss Jimenez 

Meet the New Teacher in Class 2- 201 !


          Ms.Avelo is the new teacher in room 201. She is a  new teacher in a special needs classroom with a mix of  first graders and kindergarten students.  We asked her  she likes working here. She said " I like it. It is interesting and fun!"  When we asked if she had worked in other schools, she told us she had worked in private school before.  She said she teaches  first grade one way and kindergarten another way.  She sounds busy!

Take a Look!

                                                                    Year 2016-2017

PS 17 Times

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eChalk Inc. 

Volume 1, Edition 5

March, 2017



Common Threads Kids Family Cooking



      PS 17 is lucky enough to welcome Common Threads as an afterschool activity that involves parents and children.   Common Threads has a number of in-and-out of school programs.   Every Friday afternoon the families meet with one of the chef's from Common Threads and they travel to different countries through the meals that are prepared.  This is a 9 week program and our first session was a success.  The children and parents were very engaged and excited.  The children were able to do almost everything on their own with minimal help from the adults.  At the end of the session everybody was able to enjoy what they had prepared.  With this program we are hoping both parents and children will be more aware of the food they are eating and can find it easier to make healthier choices at a reasonable price.  We are very excited to see what countries we will be traveling to in the next few weeks!

       Common Threads is a program that guides families on how to eat healthier.  It was founded in 2003 by Chef Art Smith and artist Jesus Salgueiro with the beliefs that family and food have what it takes to strengthen and nurture us, and to be able to connect us to culture and community. 





Common Threads

Celebrate March

     March is a very busy month.  We all know it "comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb."  We also have St. Patrick's Day and even college basketball championships.  The newest March celebration is Women's History Month.  This was only created in 1987.   The U.S. Congress decided we needed to honor wonderful accomplishments of American women.  We talk about many women including Harriet Tubman, a runaway slave, Eleanor Roosevelt, a First Lady and activist, and Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman to  travel in space as an astronaut.  What great inspirations for us!

     Students in 2-309 used this  month to learn about some women who inspired them.  They worked in small groups in the L!brary, and found out a lot of facts about their group's person.  Then they took it even farther, and each student made a puppet showing the group's important woman.  This was a great activity for them.  Every puppet is different, and really shows how creative the students are.  They also included details that helps tell about the women.  This is a project they will always remember!



Williamsburg Movement and Art Center



     The WMAAC is a dance program where instructors come to PS17 and show the children different dance techniques with different varieties of music.  These services are provided to the whole school throughout a 6 week period.  The children enjoy this program very much and love the instructors.   We are very fortunate to have this opportunity with the WMAAC.  WMAAC opened in 2010 by Lakey Evans Peña right in the Williamsburg neighborhood.  Their programs include visiting schools and also on site in their studio dance programs for all ages.  At the end of the program the students perform for the school with the guidance of their instructor.  The students look forward to this after working so hard for 6 weeks.

PS 17 Times

                                                                         Learners today, Leaders tomorrow  



Volume 1, Edition 4

January - February 2017

Green Meadows Petting Zoo

Frogs! Bugs! Animals!

There was still snow on the ground on February 16th when PS 17 became a Petting Zoo.  That was the day Green Meadows Farm brought their Petting Zoo to school.  The Pre-K and Kindergarten students had lots of fun petting the animals, and even feeding them.  There were leopard geckos, tortoises, a rabbit and even a guinea pig.  Everyone was very excited.  This was a great day for our students to see and touch some animals that aren't seen much in Brooklyn. Thank you Green Meadows Farm! 

Stephen Arango, Emmanuel Regalado

PS 17 Times


Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow


                                                                            'Tis the season...


Volume 1, Edition 3

December 2016


Girl Scouts of America

Did you know that PS 17 has Girl Scouts?  Isn't that cool?  They sell cookies, and all the other things Girl Scout troops do. 

Juliette Gordon Low founded Girl Scouts of America on March 12, 1912.  She was friends with Robert Baden- Powell,  the founder of the Boy Scouts of America.  She wanted to include girls in activities similar to the Boy Scouts.  The first troop began in Savannah, Georgia, her hometown.  Their mission is to do their best and help others.

The Girl Scouts are dedicated to helping out their community.  For Thanksgiving, they prepared 60 bags of groceries for families in need.  They also cleaned up public parks.  The Girl Scouts sell cookies to help raise money for their program.  One of the most popular cookies is Samoas.  They also go on trips and are always doing fun activities.

Girl Scouts is a nice program to help girls discover their strengths, passions and character to make girls follow their dreams.  


Gianna Abreu

Leslee Batista Abreu

Deelila Bussanet

Holiday Greetings from Our L!brary

PS 17 Student Council

         On November 7, PS 17 voted in a new school president and vice president. By the end of the day, we found out the winners. It turns out, that the presidential election could not be announced  because it was so close. The winner of the vice presidential election was Lilliana Ramirez. She defeated Luis Guitonez in a very tight race. Before I tell you who won the presidential election, I will just have you know, the winner won by two votes!!! The winner was Angelo Masullo. He defeated Lilliana Piruch. At PS17, we try to make this process as realistic as can be. By both races being tight, it shows that students at PS17 really think about who they want to be their leader. It is not a popularity contest like you think it would be.  Also, on November 23, all the winning students took their oath of office. This is when the election results become official. All the new elected student council members, WE WISH YOU ALL GOOD LUCK!!!


Angelo Masullo


Student Council



Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow 





Volume 1, Edition 2

November 2016


Welcome to our second edition of PS 17 TIMES!   This issue focuses on the election results, both national, and our own student council.  The reporters have worked hard, and have written balanced articles.  We won't be surprised if some of our student reporters become actual reporters!


PS 17 and the Presidential Election

The surprising election results shocked the whole country!  The citizens did not expect Mr. Trump to win.  In another surprising upset, most of PS 17 students voted for Hillary Clinton, which is how New York voted.   Mrs. Clinton won the popular vote by 2.5 million votes, with 232 Electoral College votes.  Mr. Trump won the Electoral College with 306 votes.  

Many people are still worried and concerned about the new President, while Trump supporters are very happy.  We all have to accept the election results.  We hope he's a good President.


Emmanuel Regalado,  Stephen Arango

A Visit to the Intrepid

All the Fifth Grade students were excited about visiting the Intrepid on October 25th.  The Intrepid is a Sea, Air and Space Museum, on the west side of Manhattan.  The Intrepid is a retired aircraft carrier. I think we will see where the sailors actually lived and worked, and where they ate.   

We were able to talk to one of the Fifth Grade teachers, Ms. Lindsay, before our trip.  She told us she always enjoys this trip with the students.  The history of the Intrepid goes back to World War ll.  It's very interesting, and it's exciting to see the planes on the flight deck.  Everyone is thrilled when they get to see the Space Shuttle Enterprise exhibit.  This exhibit is all about the NASA space shuttle program.  It's a wonderful day for everyone! 



Gianna Abreu








Take Flight!


Our school has an exciting new technology program.  It is a flight simulator and video game!  Students in 4th and 5th grade play a game while learning.  Mr. Meyer is one of the fourth grade teachers that has been working with his students on this project.  He said that it is an engineering and mathematics program.  This exciting addition to the classroom allows students to play a video game and still learn at the same time.  The Flight Simulator is a great experience for the students to have .  The students enjoy using this flight simulator because it is fun and also challenging.  It gives them a chance to go around the world without leaving their classroom.

Stephen Arangon

PS 17 Times


PS 17 Times

Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow

Volume 1 ,  Edition 1

October 2016

Welcome to our first edition of PS 17 Times!  Our reporters have been working hard, finding stories, interviewing people, and writing and editing.  We hope you enjoy it, learn a little about PS 17, and come back for new stories and updates on events! 

                                                                                                                           Ms. Lange, Ms. Ruiz




Election Time in PS 17

     This fall, our school will be focusing on school president and vice president elections.  The school office is only open to the 5th graders.   Also, the whole school will get to vote except Pre-k and Kindergarten.  In order to run for president or vice president the candidates have  to give a speech in front of the whole school.  They explain why they want to be a school officer, and how they want to help the students.  After that process,  the school goes through primary and general elections.  The new school president and vice-president  have to follow the rules.  They have to be good leaders and follow rules all the time.

     In the halls we got a chance to speak to some of the candidates running for school office.  One of the candidates is Rayne Torres.  She is running for school president.  She said she will help stop bullying, and make more students get along with each other.  Another candidate is Angelo Masullo.  He said that he will help students around the school if they are having trouble.  He said he will come up with creative ideas to help the school.   This is what our school will be focusing on during the election season, and we're all excited to see who will become our next school President and Vice-President!  Good luck to all!


Angelo Masullo, Jayden Rodriguez




Pre-K Hoedown


Every time I pass  Pre-K it  brings  back  memories  and  I wonder  what's  going  on.  I spoke  to Mrs. Hynes and Ms. Gutierrez the Pre-K teachers on Friday the 14th of October.  I asked them questions about the class, and they are doing  a lot of fun things  with the kids and parents. It's called Family Fall Fun-Day.  Some of the things they are planning on doing is letting the parents come to school and spend time with the kids.  They want to do this every year.  The families were able to go pumpkin picking, play games and even learned a line dance.   They are having fun all of the time and are always active and noisy!  I wish I were back in Pre-K.

Leslee Aberu

At the Farm with Ms. Fox

     Ms. Fox took her First Graders to Green Meadows Farm on Friday October 21.  The children were able to experience seeing life on a farm.  They milked cows, went on pony rides and pet pigs and chicks.  They were also able to go pumpkin picking.  Ms. Fox plans to go on another farm trip where the kids will be able to go apple picking.  She would like to have a Fall Celebration Day where the kids will be able to carve pumpkins and put candles in them.  


Delilah Bassinet