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Volume 3, Edition 3

Spring 2019

James and the Giant Peach

P.S.17 had a wonderful time during The James and the Giant Peach play! This play was based on Roald Dahl's book James and the Giant Peach. This was an awesome and amazing play! The directors had done so much hard work to make this play. Some P.S.17 students and MS.577 were actors in the play. The students of P.S.17 were  Xavier Acevedo, Sophie Anderson, Avianna Colon, Yadira Priruch. And from  MS.577 we have Janelle Rodriguez, Rayne Torres, Adrianna Brown and Gabby Piruch. This was a musical, so there was lots of singing and dancing. In the story James is very lonely, and he  drops magic Crystals at the old peach tree.  Then strange things happen! James found a door that leads inside the peach and meets  Grasshopper, Ladybug, Centipede and Spider. Then James found were he belongs.  With a snip of the stem the adventure begins. It was a fantasy and a  fun show to watch.

Janett Pachecho, Sayen Rendon




James and the Giant Peach

Pre-K Mother's Day

Our Pre-K students took their Moms on a trip to celebrate Mother's Day.  They went to a place called Twinkle, an indoor playground. The children got to play on slides and enjoy different activities like dress up, supermarket, and beauty salon.  After Twinkle they went to eat at an Italian restaurant called Bamonte's.  Lunch was delicious!  The children and their mothers had a wonderful time.

Romi Huepa, Andrea Vargas Cruz


Pre-K Mother's Day

Mother's Day with Kindergarten

Kindergarten also had a Mother's Day celebration on  Thursday, May 9, 2019.  Mothers went to their childrens' classrooms for a tea party.  They drank iced tea, ate muffins, cupcakes, and sang  beautiful songs for their mothers. They had a fun time with their mothers.

Romi Huepa, Andrea Vargas Cruz


K Mother's Day Tea

Astoria Bowl

 Grades 3, 4 and 5 had a great trip to Astoria Bowl  on Wednesday, June 12.  The bowling alley had cool colorful lights and there was music playing while we bowled.  All the students bowled, and even the teachers bowled.  We bowled for about two hours, and  had a great lunch of pizza and French fries.   It was one of the best trips I ever went on.  And everyone had SO much fun!

Deliavey Candelier



In art we have a new teacher, named Ms. Kimberly.   This is a special program sponsored by the Williamsburg Arts Council.  Ms. Kimberly teaches us to draw portraits using basic  shapes.  We also learned about sketching.   For our sketches we drew it in pencil first, then we used pastels,  which are like  crayons but with oil.  After we colored the sketches we used tissues to smooth it out. Our sketches are smaller  than the portraits which make them even better. It also makes me feel like an artist,  but not just me everybody else feels the same.   It is so different from our regular art class because we draw animals, buildings, and places. Were so grateful to have this program because it was a lot of fun.

Brandon Garcia, Diego Tlapanco




5th Grade Philadelphia Trip 2019

Our 5th grade students had a wonderful time in  Philadelphia on Friday, May 31.  This was the longest trip for the 5th graders. The trip was approximately 12 hours. The 5th grade had a fun time in the coach buses  because they could play with their electronics. When the buses crossed a bridge, 5th grade got to see boats and a great view of the Atlantic Ocean.   When we finally arrived in Philadelphia the students got to explore museums about the beginning of America.  They went to Independence Hall.   Independence Hall is where America's government started. The Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution were both debated and signed in this building. There was a show in the museum explaining the history of America and how it was growing. There were statues in the Convention Center, the exhibit is called Signer's Hall. It showed life-size statues of famous people who signed  the U.S. Constitution.  The temperature was hot in Philadelphia, around 80 degrees.  Before we left everyone was happy to visit the  gift shop for souvenirs, and the snack bar.  It was a great day!

Romi Huepa, James Wong

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 Volume 3, Edition 2

Winter 2019


Time keeps on slipping, ...

Mornings at PS 17

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Adventures in New York City!

Winter Celebrations


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Volume 3, Edition 1

Fall 2018



Student Council

Student Council

Student Council Elections

Every year we have student council elections for President and Vice President.  This year there were five fifth graders who wanted to be President, and five fifth graders who wanted to be Vice President.  So on Friday, November 2,  they debated and told everyone why they wanted to be Student Council officers.    The candidates for President were Delaivey, Priscilla, Analys, Nicolas and Alyze.  Giovani, Andrew, Andrea, Ronni and Mia-Mor were the candidates for Vice President.  Many of the candidates said they wanted to stop bullying in school and  help start some new clubs and sports teams.  The fifth grade students voted in a "Primary" and chose Delaivey and Nicolas as the two candidates for President, and Giovani and Andrea as the two candidates for Vice President.

The following week Grades One through Five voted for Student Council Officers.  Delaivey was elected President and Andrea and Giovani had a  tie result, so we have 2 Vice-Presidents!  On Wednesday, November 21, we had a school-wide assembly and the Officers and classroom Student Council  members were all given medals and became our new Student Council. Good Luck to Everyone!


Sayen Rendon


Ms. Shaw


This is Ms. Shaw's first year at our school, but she has been a teacher for  seven years.   She has taught first grade, fourth grade,  Pre-K  and Kindergarten. She really likes teaching.   This year she is teaching Kindergarten with Ms. Basia.  She said they make a great team  because they help each other  and share ideas.   True teamwork.   Helping the Kindergarteners learn to be kind is very important.  The children are learning to help each other when it is time to clean up.  Now Ms.Shaw is planning a class trip to the New York City Transit museum.   We hope you have a great year, Ms. Shaw!

Romi Huepa and Diego Tlapanco

Green Meadows Farm Comes to Brooklyn



Our Kindergarten classes had a great time at  Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn.  It is an old airfield, but they went because Green Meadows Farm is now in Brooklyn.  The classes had a wonderful day filled with fall events.   They saw animals,  had fun on the hayride, and everyone took home a pumpkin!  Mrs. McShea said it was great for the students  "To learn about animals, and what they eat."   It sounds like everyone had fun!

Brandon Garcia

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Dr. Robert Marchi, Principal

September 18, 2020

Dear Parents/Students,

Re: Translation of assignments, and instructions in Google Classrooms

1. Please use NYC DOE link below for translation of assignments, and

instructions, etc.


2. You could also select in Google:

“Google Translate”. You can also use this option to translate materials

in Google Classroom, including documents, forms, and email. Google

Docs are online documents that your child may be asked to use to

complete and turn in assignments.

3. Another DOE source for translation:

NYC Public Schools Speak Your Language!

Please explore and contact us if further assistance is needed.

Many thanks,

Nancy DeName email:

Lolo Saney email: