Learning in the L!brary

We are happy to announce that we are continuing our Learning in the L!brary Program for the 2017 -2018 school year.   We have invited Third, Fourth and Fifth grade students.  Third grade sessions begin on Wednesday, October 25th.  Fourth and Fifth graders will meet on Thursdays, beginning October 26th.    Teacher recommendations are very important.  Students should be independent workers, and willing to make a weekly commitment to the L!brary.  It's a great opportunity  to learn a little more about the L!brary, work in small groups and strengthen their reading and writing skills. We're going to have a great year!

See you in the L!brary!

  Welcome to our L!brary!

We were very fortunate to receive a L!brary Initiative Grant from the Robin Hood Foundation.  The Grant provided for a complete renovation,  and materials including 10,000 books,  technology and a certified L!brarian.   The Lbrary continues to be an active, positive space for our students and teachers.

General Policies

  • All Students are expected to follow P.S. 17’s behavior standards and policies.
  • All Students and Families must sign a L!brary Use Policy, accepting responsibility for the care of all borrowed materials.
  • Patrons must work quietly, and avoid disturbing others
  • All Students using the L!brary for Small Group/Individual work must have approval from the classroom teacher.


An exciting, informative orientation is key to establishing the L!brary as a vital asset for our school.  Classes are scheduled for individual sessions.  All classes discuss expected behavior in the L!brary and Circulation policies, including proper book care.  Upper grades review locating materials using our Destiny Online Catalog.


Scheduling is a key factor to ensuring the L!brary is used efficiently and effectively.  We are fortunate to be able to use a combination of Flexible and Open Access scheduling:

Flexible:  Instructional periods are identified and planned in collaboration with Teachers, based on class needs.  These may include whole class or small group instruction.  Teachers may schedule instructional periods to use the L!brary independently with their classes.  All instructional visits are approved in advance.

Open Access:  Individual Students or Small Groups may use the L!brary during the identified circulation periods.  The classroom teacher identifies the purpose of the session.  This allows the students the opportunity to work independently in the L!brary.  These do not have to be planned in advance.

Collaborative Planning:  The Librarian meets with classroom teachers in order to plan Instructional time.  Planning may be done across grade level, or with individual teachers.  There may be multiple planning sessions for each topic.  Information Literacy Skills will be incorporated into plans.


The technology included in the L!brary provides a progressive dimension to P.S. 17.   Laptops, iPads, wireless connections and SmartBoards all enhance student learning.

 Collection Development

 It is the responsibility of the L!brarian to keep the collection current, including award-winning titles.  However, it is important that the collection remain curriculum-driven.  

                                                                                                                                                                          See you in the L!brary!